Los Angeles, Californiame@damienzuniga.com

FireHaus is a West Side dispensary that embodies what it means to engage with cannabis, offering sleek products and brands that appeal to a wide demographic.


Concept, Design, CPG Photography, Direction


9 weeks.


Strategy/ Jason Jacquot,

Copy & Voice/ Jennifer Merritt

FireHaus’ old design didn’t give it the Los Angeles “kick” necessary to compete with its neighbors. The store sits on the Westside of L.A., and a brand redesign needed to emphasize the boldness of the name and trust in a relevant and honest dispensary.

For the new logo, I decided to modernized its namesake and bring to light a bolder font and a brighter color capable of capturing attention and scaling quickly, no matter its usage. The fiery orange-red colors I chose were selected to represent the passion the company had long been known for and to also stand out from other dispensaries that had already progressed through multiple brand rebuilding phases.

In continuation of our involvement with the brand, I designed a number of digital marketing pieces for FireHaus’ use. Part of FireHaus’ brand was encompassing a form of subtlety, knowing that their demographic would appreciate intricate designs, inspiration from the past, and print collateral that spoke for itself. In addition to these digital pieces, I developed over the course of a few weeks, a number of designs to be used for printed campaigns around the store, at the point of purchase, and also swag for delivered and packaged items. All consumer packaged goods were shot in-house then edited for e-commerce inventory & brand collateral use.

With the client's thoughts in mind, the copywriter and I developed a bit of a comedic - yet - friendly approach to the copy and style. It was reserved and relatable, yet bold and boisterous.