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Cannabis, amongst many other things, is what Los Angeles is known for. Living in this city is an exposé of this plant’s incredible influence, whether in pop culture or as a medicinal tool. FireHaus is a West Side dispensary that embodies what it means to engage with cannabis, offering products and brans that appeal to any age or demographic.

FireHaus’ old design didn’t give it the Los Angeles “kick” necessary to compete with its neighbors. The store sits on the Westside of L.A., and a brand redesign needed to emphasize trendiness that felt relatable to the middle-aged residents as well as younger students and renters that were in its vicinity.

FireHaus’ new logo modernized its namesake, and brought to light a bold font capable of capturing attention no matter its usage.

In continuation of our involvement with the brand, we designed a number of digital marketing pieces for FireHaus’ use. One example is their biweekly emails, which contained upcoming customer appreciation days, sales and discounts, new services, and featured products. Additionally, holiday specials and daily deals were advertised on a multi-channel level as well.

Part of FireHaus’ brand was encompassing a form of subtlety, knowing that their demographic would appreciate intricate designs, inspiration from the past, and print collateral that spoke for itself.

Currently, FireHaus continues to thrive, most notably through their eCommerce platform. Website assets were created to draw attention to the most popular items, doubling as both stock information and enticing advertisements.