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Now more than ever, consumers are earth-conscious and in support of eco-friendly brands — and for good reason. The carbon footprints we leave last a legacy, and unfortunately, the daily items we rely on most attribute to them.

Your daily commute, runs to the grocery store, even dropping the kids off at school; your car feels like a necessity...but is it? Enter Electric Bikes Los Angeles.

From the limited brand that was available to us at the time, I utilized the limited colors and existing website to develop a new creative direction to take the brand's digital presence to the next level. Creative includes a totally new visual brand identity with paid video content, email marketing, social media content, as well as brand merch.


Concept, Design, Production, Photography, Motion


6 weeks.


Strategy/ Jason Jacquot,

Copy/ Jennifer Merritt

Working with a copywriter and ambitious UI/UX designers, we developed a more streamlined approach to revitalizing this brand through designing and shooting new content for their store location, product line up, and product catalogue. With consumer metrics from the strategist, I developed a unique creative direction for weekly email newsletters and social media content converting new and frequent customers. This content included paid ads, promotional videos, Instagram and Tik Tok stories, and a solid social media feed.