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Now more than ever, consumers are earth-conscious and in support of eco-friendly brands — and for good reason. The carbon footprints we leave last a legacy, and unfortunately, the daily items we rely on most attribute to them.

Your daily commute, runs to the grocery store, even dropping the kids off at school; your car feels like a necessity...but is it? Enter Electric Bikes Los Angeles.

Situated on the South Bay coast, EBLA is the ideal location to encourage Los Angelenos to embrace a new mode of transport. One of the agency's first moves was a move itself; we found a new location for the venture client that better suited the growth of the brand.

The new store's spaciousness allowed the brand to expand their selection. This isn't a one-stop shop, but one that captures customers for a lifetime of riding.

Convincing buyers to make the leap to electric living isn't an easy one, which is where our new branding, website refresh, and social media marketing make a world of a difference.

While the site is still in the works, leaps in EBLA's metrics are already present due to heavy-handed changes to their social media front. Working alongside the CEO, art director, and copywriting team, I crafted alluring ad-like Instagram stories showcasing their Bike Techs, Bike Advisors, and daily test rides.

I worked side-by-side with the creative director to produce brand direction, logo redesign, and brand identity collateral. I shot photography of the new location's interior and exterior layout, and captured content necessary for future social media and paid ad campaigns.

Copy: Jennifer Merritt

CD: Jody Watkins