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You know brand identity when you see it, but creating it from scratch requires knowing what subtle aspects of a brand are ready to be elevated, extrapolated, and encapsulated in the company forever. Here’s a delightful variety of brands I’ve developed from concept to completion.

Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters Brand Design

After creating a multitude of designs, concepts, and mockups, client opinions and revisions are taken into consideration. Their ultimate choice and feedback provides information on creative vision — where this journey will bring the brand.

A word of note; The brands featured here have been designed extensively from scratch by one incredibly talented copywriter and myself. That means the logos, colors, product images, tone, copy, photography, splash pages, social media content, videography, even the print collateral were brainstormed, developed, pitched, revised, pitched again, and finally presented and produced, over the course of many, many weeks and months.

It was an incredibly involved process for us (the creative team) to produce content that was immediately involved with marketing strategy, social media management, backend web development, and UX development in tandem from brands that barely existed just months prior to launch.

Check out my case studies on the home page for more details on how these brands came to be.